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Galema’s Greenhouse is a wholesale business located in West Lafayette, IN. We use trusted breeders for uncompromised plant quality. It is our goal to offer the newest items plus all the standard favorites at affordable prices. Our product lines include:

• Young Plants

• Prefinished Products

• Spring Annuals & Hanging Baskets

• Mums & Other Fall Products

• Poinsettias


Our customers are other Greenhouses, Garden Centers, Farm Markets, Landscapers, Retail Shops, Florists and Fundraising Groups. We specialize in working with small to medium size businesses to provide a complete line of live annual plants for every season. Non-profit organizations can benefit from our wholesale products by hosting a fundraising plant sale.


Young Plant and Prefinished

We ship Young Plants anywhere in the United States.  What sets us apart from other growers?

› Young Plants are sold in 26 Elle-Pot Strips or 50 Elle Trays.

› Minimum order is 1 Tray!

› Volume pricing is based per season not per order.

Our prefinished and young plant products are available

through the following major brokers.



Carlin Horticultural Supplies

Eason Horticultural Resources

Fred C. Gloeckner & Company

Grimes Horticulture

Henry F. Michell Company

M & M

M&M Plant Sales, Inc


SHS Griffin

The Plant Connection BFG Supply Co.

Vandenberg Bulb

Waldo & Associates



Please enjoy your visit to our website. We appreciated everyone's interest in our company, but we do not sell directly to the general public.


Fundraising with Live Plants

Fundraising is a challenge faced by many organizations. Selling a quality product that is valued by your patrons will make reaching your fundraising goal easier and keep your organization in good standing. Galema’s Greenhouse is ready to supply you with great plants for a successful sale. We will also provide essential information regarding the products and guidance in selecting a sale that fits your organization’s needs and capabilities.




Standard Order Forms for Fall and Winter Fundraisers are available on this site and may be used for easy printing! Custom forms are also available upon request. Please utilize the links below for PDF files of fundraising materials.


10 Steps for Successful Fundraising


Fall Fundraiser Sales Form


Garden Mum Care Guide


Winter Fundraiser Sales Form


Poinsettia Care Guide


Healthy Habits Spring Fundraiser Flier


Custom Fundraising Sample



GHFounded in 1991 on Grandfather Galema’s farm, the family business has grown from 2 small greenhouses to over an acre under cover and a mum field of over 40,000 pots. In 1998, we were designated "Grower of the Year" by Grower Talks Magazine, and in 1999 we were named GM Pro Innovator for our Integrated Pest Management program.


Construction of greenhouse space has almost been a constant venture since our inception. Our additions are always based on booked orders since 95% of our product is committed before it is planted. The remainder is grown to supply our current customers or have available for new customers.


We see more growth in our future! Our plan is to continually automate processes and improve efficiencies to promote more healthy plant growth and therefore improve the quality of our product.


Tim Galema, Owner/Horticulturist

Tim has a bachelor's degree in Horticulture from Purdue University.  After gaining several years of experience at a local greenhouse, he began his family owned and operated business 25 years ago. Tim has served on the board of the Indiana Flower Growers Association and currently is a member of the Ohio Florists' Association. In 2009, the Indiana Flower Growers Association selected him as the Floriculture Person of the Year.


Bev Galema

Tim's wife Bev is also a Purdue grad.  In 1998, she put her Management degree to work full time in the greenhouse office.  She handles the bookkeeping, schedules the deliveries, and keeps the database and paperwork under control. In 2015, the Indiana Flower Growers Association selected her as the Floriculture Person of the Year.


The Children

The bio would not be complete without a mention of Alex and Molly! Alex is a teenager so he is alway willing to help do anything at the greenhouse that involves driving a vehicle. Molly pitches in too, especially if she can earn a little money for her electronics.


Mom & Dad Galema

Chuck and Marilyn also spend their days at the greenhouse.  The majority of Marilyn’s time is spent watering but she also plants beautiful combination arrangements.  After retiring in 1998, Chuck  joined in to assist with equipment repairs, an occasional delivery and almost any task that helps to keep our operation running smoothly.

To view photos recently taken at Galema's Greenhouse, click on the image below. The links will take you to Picasa™ Web Albums.


Week 18 - Spring

Week 24 - Spring/Summer


Week 38 - Mums & Other Fall


Week 44 - Prefinished




4340 N 250 W

West Lafayette, IN 47906


voice: 765.463.1158

fax: 765.463.6536